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02 May 2017

TCD joins EOH as the group grows with strategic changes taking effect in May 2017

We are delighted to share the following significant changes and positive developments which took place recently within the TCD Group.

New Ownership

EOH, a JSE-listed South African based Knowledge Management group, have been in negotiation with the TCD Group since the last quarter of 2015, sharing the strategic objective to expand in the field of healthcare. EOH consists of a diverse portfolio of specialised industries in 21 countries across four continents.

The groups came to agreement in October 2016 and the transaction was completed in February 2017. EOH Holdings is now the 100% shareholder of the TCD Group of companies. We are excited by this positive development which opens many new horizons through the global profile of our new proudly South African owners.

The EOH philosophy involves sustaining successful acquisitions by building upon the inherent culture. The TCD Group will remain easily recognisable, building on our rich legacy, striving as always for continuous improvement.

Expansion of the TCD Group

The rapid evolution of the TCD Group expanded the original Triclinium into a full-service CRO (Contract Research Organisation), with a growing range of services and geographical footprint. Triclinium’s sister companies, within the TCD Group now consists of:

  • TCD Outcomes Research: The TCD Group developed a Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) organisation, through an acquisition of HeXor (a late phase development and pharmacoeconomics company), combined with the Late Phase Clinical Development expertise of TCD.
  • TCD e-Clinical Solutions: The TCD Group created an e-Clinical Solutions division which includes Software as a Service solution. TCD e-Clinical Solutions is focused around improving the outcome of clinical trials from a quality and efficiency perspective. Services include Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) and Mobile Health (mHealth), etc.
  • TCD Global Data Services: The TCD Group established and consolidated its Data Management and Biostatistics division under the TCD GDS brand, which is spearheaded out of South Africa and Bangalore, India.
  • TCD-MENA: The TCD Group established a full-service CRO based in Cairo, Egypt through a Joint Venture to focus on the Middle East and North Africa region.
  • PharmaLTX: The TCD Group established a software development company which specialises in software solutions in the wider health care sector such as partnering with Ministries of Health, Regulatory agencies, Institutional Review Boards, Universities, Clinical Research Centres, etc.


New TCD Group Chairman

The mandate to meld the member companies into a synergistic group has been entrusted to Dr Tienie Stander, founder of HeXor Pty Ltd., current Managing Director of TCD Outcomes Research, and now also the inaugural Chairman of the TCD Group.

Change in Managing Director of Triclinium Clinical Development

To those who know the company well, the most visible change is that after 17 years at the helm, founder Victor Strugo will relinquish the position of Managing Director to Abraham van Wyk, effective 1st May, 2017. Abraham has been increasingly involved in TCD executive functions since 2014 and his promotion is fully endorsed by TCD’s Board of Directors.

Victor will nevertheless remain active and visible in the new role of TCD Group Strategic Adviser, facilitating a smooth management transition, supporting key projects and developing new horizons for the company that he created in February 2000.

Our electronic media will be updated accordingly over time. We look forward to maintaining and strengthening our association with your organisation through this transition and to offer an ever-improving and broadening range of services in the years ahead.

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05 Apr 2017

Donate stationery to help change the lives of young South Africans!

TCD Outcomes Research has recently partnered with MAD Leadership Foundation as part of our new “Bearing Fruits” CSI initiative. Our first project for the year is to collect stationery items, which will be donated to the students of MAD. This project will run from 5 April until mid-June and we will aim to hand over the items by end of June 2017.

Join us in this worthwhile cause and help make a difference to those in need. On your next visit to the shops, pass by the stationery aisle and choose an item (or several) from the list. You could also donate those items you have at home and never use. Please just make sure they are still in a good condition.

You can bring your donations to Christa, our office manager at the TCD Outcomes Research Office – 121 Amkor Road, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157, South Africa.

The following items are required:

  • A4 Exam Pad (80 pgs)
  • A4 hardcover books Feint (96, 192and 288 pgs)
  • Architecture Drawings Kits
  • Blank White paper
  • Casio calculators
  • Colour pencils
  • Dictionary
  • Drawing Board Bags
  • Drawing Boards
  • Erasers
  • Financial calculators
  • Flip files
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Lever arch files
  • Markers
  • Maths Kits
  • Paper punchers
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Pins for a Pinboard
  • Plastic folders
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Prestik
  • Ring reinforcements
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Staplers
  • Staples
  • Sticky notes
  • Sticky tabs
  • Sticky Tape


Please motivate your friends, colleagues and family members to participate and donate as many items on the list as possible. Let our work and actions benefit humanity by supporting this cause!

24 Mar 2017
TCD Outcomes Research supports MAD Leadership Foundation

TCD Outcomes Research proud to announce our partnership with Make A Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD Leadership Foundation)!

As part of our new “Bearing Fruits” CSI initiative, we have chosen to partner with MAD Leadership Foundation to help bring about change in the lives of young South Africans.

MAD Leadership Foundation, founded by Francois Pienaar, focuses on leadership development through education. The approach is to identify deserving scholars with leadership potential, who do not have the necessary financial resources, and offer them comprehensive, long-term and personal support in the areas of education, mentorship, leadership and life-skills development, ensuring they have the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their full potential as future leaders of South Africa.

This partnership includes a monetary donation to pledge our commitment to this cause. Along with this pledge, we will be collecting and donating items needed by the scholars throughout the year. We will also be taking part in the mentorship programme to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

TCD Outcomes Research is a full service, outcomes research company serving healthcare companies globally and forms part of the TCD group. We specialise in late phase health outcomes research by studying the real-world value of healthcare solutions and its economic and financial impact.

We are looking forward to this partnership and excited about the journey that lies ahead. Together, let our work and actions benefit humanity!

01 Mar 2017
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.59.18 AM

Prof. Ibrahim Labouta comments on the 7th Pharmaceutical Care Conference.

The 7th Pharmaceutical Care Conference was held on the 22nd to 23rd of Feb 2017 at the Al Bustan Palace in Muscat, Oman. The conference was intended to be a ground for interaction for healthcare professionals, such as pharmacists, medical and nursing staff, hospital management, healthcare quality professionals and pharmacy education.

Professor Ibrahim Labouta, president of TCD Outcomes Research MENA region, attended the conference. He was impressed with the proceedings as it covered all aspects of pharmacy practice including recent advances and development. He added that the number of speakers and attendees was a good indication of the importance of the conference and the willingness of Omani professionals to upgrade their knowledge and experience.

During an interview with the press, he mentioned that the “Omani Pharmaceutical sector is one of the best systems in- and model for, the east Mediterranean region and should be considered as a model to be followed”. He credited the capacity building strategy implemented by the MOH, which has upgraded the knowledge and experience of its staff as well as enhanced their competence. He commented on the high quality of care provided and attributed this to the ongoing training activities and quality of education as well as the manpower they have.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Towards Excellence in pharmacy Practice”. It focused on the key issues of sustainable development of pharmacy practice throughout the region. According to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), “there has been an effort to change from a sickness care model to a health model”. (1)

The conference was supported by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), Institute of Safe Medications Practices (ISMP), and the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP). (1)

Some of the key objectives covered during this conference included:
• Constructing a pharmacy practice model that focuses on optimising patient care outcomes and safety
• Identifying essential leadership knowledge, skills, and attributes to advance practice
• Describing strategic leadership imperatives in the current environment
• Outlining principles and basic competencies in healthcare leadership
• Describing medication use management in the healthcare delivery value equation and current challenges
• Describing strategies to implement evidence-based medicine practice, prospective clinical monitoring and standardised safety practices
• Describing the role of teamwork to achieve accountability and delivery of targeted patient care outcomes
• Defining antimicrobial stewardship program(ASP)
• Discussing the impact of antimicrobial resistance on clinical and economic outcomes in various patient populations
• Outlining core strategies essential for the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship in the continuum of care
For more information on the conference and topics covered, visit

27 Feb 2017

1st Arab International Pharmacy Conference to be held in Cairo, Egypt.

The first Annual International Pharmacy Conference is due to be held in Cairo, Egypt on the 30th of March to the 1st of April 2017 under the Patronage of Ain Shams University. The theme of this event is PHARMACY VISION 2030 – Education, Profession and Pharmaco-Regulations. The following message from the President of the conference, Prof. Ali El Shamy, outlines the need for this event: “[The] Pharmacist community is going through a major change from being drug dispensers to being Patient care consultants; this new evolving concept is the pre-request to organize our first annual scientific conference: ‘A Little More Practice for Much More Progress’.

Dr Tienie Stander, CEO of Outcomes Research South Africa and Prof. Ibrahim Labouta, president of TCD Outcomes Research MENA region, will both be speakers at this prime event. Their discussions will include “Clinical vs. Outcomes Research: an integrated approach for Pharmaceutical Companies” and “National Overview on Pricing Modalities” respectively.

The main topics of this event will include: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmacovigilance and Bioethics, Clinical Pharmacy Standard of Practice, Roles and Rights of Pharmacists in Health Care, Current and Future Perspectives of Pharmacy Education, Empowering and Developing Pharmacy Profession, Bridging the Gap between Practice and Education and Supporting and Making use of Pharmaceutical Research.

This unique scientific event will provide attendees with insight on innovations in implementing clinical pharmacy services as well as new technologies and innovations in pharmacy practice. The conference will furthermore examine ideas, such as ‘the pharmacists’ role of shared accountability in patient education and improving patient outcomes’. It will identify strategies for improving prescribing medicines in hospitals and developing highly effective medication management strategies. Further reasons to visit the conference include:
• Obtain CPE points by attending this conference
• Identify strategies for improving prescribing medicines in hospitals
• Develop highly effective medication management strategies
• Explore future business opportunities
• Exploit the competitive Pharmaceutical market
• Get an insight of the Pharmaceutical market including new trends and technologies in manufacturing pharmaceuticals
• Know the latest regulatory developments, key indicators and major corporate development
• Meet the pioneers in Pharmaceutical Technology
• Meet a large section of pharmaceutical professionals in just three days

To find out more about the conference and themes, visit


31 Jan 2017

TCD MENA officially registered as CRO in Egypt

We are proud to announce that TCD MENA is now officially registered as a CRO in Egypt. Complementing TCD SA’s long-standing outreach into sub-Saharan and West Africa, TCD MENA was recently established in Heliopolis, Cairo to extend the provision of TCD’s clinical development services to clients looking to conduct research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The TCD MENA team has extensive clinical research experience in managing global clinical trials with sites in Egypt and the MENA region, as well as managing bioequivalence studies accepted by WHO, FDA and EU. Their expertise covers various therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Hepatology, Internal Medicine, Gynaecology and chronic diseases with strong relationships with KOLs across Egypt and the MENA region. Services include Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations, Project Management, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, Biostatistics and Medical Writing.

We at TCD South Africa are excited about this long-standing partnership with TCD MENA, and in walking this road for the benefit of humanity.

17 Dec 2016

TCD MENA: The family grows

What started one year ago as a dream, became a reality on 1 December 2016 when TCD MENA opened its doors in Heliopolis, Cairo as a full service CRO, serving the Middle-East and North-Africa region.

Being part of the TCD Group (, our reach now extends from the Southern tip of the continent, to the North and the Middle-East. In the words of Dr. Hanaa Abdel-Maguid, managing director of TCD MENA: “Having been a sponsor of clinical trials for many years, I understand the needs of sponsors in a time when there are significant economic constraints globally. Part of our mission will be to convert these sponsor needs into innovative solutions that will compliment and support R&D objectives.”

The words of Eric Hoffer ring true: “In times of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves perfectly equipped to manage a world that no longer exist.” As a learning organisation, the TCD Group will remain responsive to global trends and changing customer needs.

05 Dec 2016
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.59.18 AM

Ipilimumab in Pretreated Patients With Advanced Malignant Melanoma: Results of the South African Expanded-Access Program

A multicentre retrospective data analysis was conducted, evaluating the effectiveness and safety of ipilimumab, administered during the South African Expanded Access Programme (EAP) in pre-treated patients with advanced (unresectable or metastatic) melanoma. The study found that at a dose of 3 mg/kg, ipilimumab was an effective treatment resulting in a median overall survival of 8.98 months in a subset of patients with pre-treated advanced malignant melanoma. This collaborative effort between Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), TCD-Outcomes Research which is a subsidiary of Triclinium Clinical Development and a team of authors led by Dr Bernardo Rapoport, was published in the Journal of Global journal Oncology. Click here for more in-depth reading.

22 Nov 2016
(Science Photo Library/Newscom)
Scientist preparing blood sample for clinical testing in a laboratory. (Newscom TagID: splrfphotos063878.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

AbbVie pangenotypic combination shows promising results for Hepatitis C

AbbVie is running three large clinical research studies currently where a combination of glecaprevir and pibrentasvir has cured at least 98% of people with hepatitis C.

“The results we announced today bring us closer to providing a potential pan-genotypic, once-daily treatment option with 8 weeks of therapy for people living without cirrhosis and who are new to treatment,” said Michael Severino, M.D., executive vice president, research and development and chief scientific officer, AbbVie. “With our registrational program nearing completion, we’re on track to submit our next generation, pan-genotypic regimen to regulatory authorities by the end of this year in the U.S. and early 2017 in the European Union and Japan.”

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26 Sep 2016

Microsoft helping to find cancer treatments

The Microsoft corporation is assisting the oncology team at the Australian National University (ANU) to uncover more about the genomics of cancer. This process will help identify which genes have been affected in a negative way in the genome. “The collaboration between biologists and computer scientists is actually key to making this work,” Microsoft’s corporate vice-president Jeannette Wing said.

Cheng Soon Ong , an adjunct associate professor at ANU and principal research scientist at CSIRO, said a clearer understanding on genomics would allow for more targeted treatment. “Once you have been diagnosed with cancer your genomics can give indications to the doctor [as to] which treatment you’re more likely to respond to,” Professor Soon Ong said.

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