GlaxoSmithKline doing study using Apple’s ResearchKit

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been on the forefront of research innovation and this is no exception. By using Apple’s ResearchKit, London-based GSK are aiming to reduce research costs and improve overall efficiency in terms of data accuracy and patient recruitment. Phase IV observational trials, such as this one, can take months or even years to recruit and enroll patients, said Rob DiCicco, head of Glaxo’s clinical innovation and digital platforms group. “Certainly you’ve also taken out the site costs, and the costs of having nurses and physicians explaining the studies to them and recording information.” He further mentioned that he hopes that the data from the arthritis study will help inform future clinical trials.

“Apple is saying ‘let’s make it easier for you to use our products so that consumers can become more dependent on them,’” said Yuri Teshler, an analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy. Apple’s ability to encourage users to track their health and wellness, he said, will attract insurance companies and other health-care payers in the $4.6 trillion U.S. health-and-fitness industry. “Eventually you’re going to see payers rewarding you for managing your fitness and Apple is going to be in the business of delivering information that payers need.”

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